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Angels Chic Cover online_200 I have over 25 years experience as a professional technical and marketing communicator, in a wide range of industries. I have also provided writing and communications services for numerous charities, projects, friends, and the Green Party of England and Wales.

In addition, I have written three books and contributed to several more. My fantasy thriller Angel’s Chîc gets an average rating of 4.2 / 5 on Amazon. You can ‘look inside’ and read the first few chapters to get an idea of my style.

A highly original novel that flies between Liverpool, India, a tropical island and the interior of a magic mountain in the snows of the Himalayas, all thanks to the invention of tele-transportation machine.

The novel works best, to my mind, when it is most closely rooted in the author’s personal experiences – the passages set in Liverpool and India are especially vivid, and have nice touches of sly humour. The dialogue in these sections is also well heard and well written. The more fantastical passages in the latter half of the book are also more challenging but the writing is consistently controlled and imaginative.

I look forward to his next novel, a comedy perhaps, that draws on the author’s obviously rich personal journey.

The sequel, Angel’s Orchid, is set between Gibraltar, Spain and Morocco. The battle between Jane, Robert and the Illuminati’s forces of evil continue, wound around drug smuggling, finance, and a high-tech software startup. Angel’s Orchid is currently in pre-publication; the first five chapters are available at secretsoftheilluminati.wordpress.com.

Of course the style of a novel is very different to that of a news article, marketing brochure or technical reference guide. It is vital to understand a document’s audience and purpose just as much as the information which it must convey; this is always the first and most vital part of scoping a writing project.

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