Case studies


yachtiClient, one of my favourites, is retired from the UK to Spain, and manages his digital life on a range of Apple apparatus, namely iPhones, iPad, MacBook and iMac. He has a curious but common love-hate relationship with technology, which he expresses by ocassional threats to “throw the fucking thing out [of] the window” when devices fail to immediately meet his needs.

In between enthusiastically travelling, with multiple albums of priceless memories, iClient oversees a variety of business interests, including international property.

I ensure that iClient’s digital life is fully under control. His data and passwords are secure and at his fingertips; his data is backed up locally and to the cloud, and shared seamlessly across all devices. His apps, bookmarks and accounts are sorted. I also ensure that iClient’s sophisticated AV system is fully optimised/ configured, and as simple to use as possible.

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